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Giving you a community of hope & practical resources you need for navigating life after baby loss.


If you are a woman who has experienced a miscarriage, stillbirth or infant loss, this is for you. Join other women who have experienced a similar loss. Women who can identify with the grief you are experiencing and can offer tangible help and honest hope.

This is a space to be not-alone any more, a space to feel known and understood. A space to ask questions from women who have gone through a similar loss. A space to find hope again. 

Come join us. I can't wait to meet you and hear your story.

What to Expect.

Find support, friendship & community

Find hope 

Find resources that will help

Learn from women who have been there

Never feel alone again

The Community.


The Joyful Mourning Community is a free community for grieving moms. A space away from social media platforms where you can ask questions, search by topic, and even have private conversations as you connect with other grieving moms.

The Membership.


Take your grief support to the next level with The Morning Membership.

As a Member you receive:

  • A Live Support Call where you can ask questions and get real time advice about what feels hard in grief right now
  • A Live Story Session Call where members share their story more in-depth; giving space to share stories, learn from others and process your own experience
  • Access to a Private Community just for Members
  • Access to Mentors who have been there and understand
  • Action Steps & Accountability
  • Practical, Purposeful and Intentional Teaching, Resources & Grief Work

Kind Words.

I love having other moms I can talk to who really get it--my best friends listen and care, but they just can't understand the grief of this kind of loss because they haven't experienced it. R.

The thing that has been most helpful to me is that this is a safe, Christian community to share and heal together. I’ve been in other grief groups that honestly have just made me despair because there is no sense of hope in the group. L.

I love that it’s a supportive place to truly express how I feel and know that you’ll each understand. A.

When I joined, I was so hurt and broken hearted, and I'll admit, I felt bitter and betrayed by God. This group has helped me so much with that. I read your stories of how you grieve and still look forward to a joyful future because of Him and it is helping me reconnect my grief with my faith. The name of the group really says it all. I.

Meet Ashlee, founder & host.


In the spring of 2006 I experienced loss for the first time when I miscarried our first baby. The emotional and physical pain was horrendous. The pregnancy had been a surprise and the unexpected nature of the loss led to much confusion. Why would God give and then take away? Had I done something wrong?

In the fall of 2008, we welcomed our second born son, Aaden Sage Proffitt. He was just 15 months younger than his big brother Andrew. I was ecstatic to be a mom of two boys who were so close in age. Brothers who would be best friends. On November 15, 2008, just shy of 6 weeks old, Aaden died in his sleep of unknown causes.

In the years since that day I’ve met thousands of hurting women just like me who tell me of their own grief and loss. Every baby matters and every story is unique. 

I understand and I’ve been there. I have been walking a journey that looked quite differently than I ever imagined. Grief never fully ends, and yet amidst the grief, amidst the loss, something remarkable has happened. I have experienced joy and hope. And I want you to know and experience that, too.

You can begin to believe that you’re never alone. You can walk this journey with hope. You can find joy even in your mourning.


About Faith.


We still want you here!

Our community does have a christian faith foundation and much of our content is faith-based BUT all faiths are welcome here and even those who might not be sure what they think of God right now. And while much of our content is faith based we do offer practical advice and resources that will be helpful for anyone!

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